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My sister and I have always dreamt of New York City! Perhaps it was from the movies we watched and the games we played as children, but we continuously fantasised about being there together someday. How fortunate we were that both of us were experiencing New York for the first time side by side! It truly is a city of dreams, but I'll briefly mention some of the places that left the most lasting impressions on us, accompanied by photographs. I recommend spending at least 1 week exploring this vibrant metropolis. 1. Central Park A breathtaking city park spanning over 3382 acres in the heart of Manhattan! When you visit NYC, I recommend dedicating a full day to Central Park and its surroundings. Even if you can't walk through the entire park, I'm sure every detail you see will bring you immense joy. In winter, there's ice skating, while in summer, pools are set up, adding another dimension to the city. We were there in the fall, and watching the colorful leaves dance with each other was magnificent.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

It is a bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan over the East River. I especially recommend taking a long walk on the bridge towards sunset. When the city's lights combine with the stunning sunset, unforgettable memories will stay with you.

3. Times Square The place where the heart of New York beats! The city's most bustling and lively street. This avenue, home to luxury hotels, restaurants, Broadway musicals, and film studios, is one of the world's most famous squares. I recommend experiencing it both day and night.

4. Rockfeller Center How about seeing the city from a completely different perspective at a center located in Midtown Manhattan between 48th and 51st Streets? This complex consists of 19 buildings and offers spectacular views of New York. While there are many places where you can enjoy the amazing New York skyline, I definitely recommend this one. When you reach the top, you'll have a perfect view of the Empire State Building right in front of you. I suggest choosing a time when you can witness both daylight and sunset in one visit because both are stunning!

You can see how unique it is from the photos, and you can buy your tickets from this link;

5. Dumbo,Brooklyn Dumbo is actually a transformed area, but its unique atmosphere offers you an unforgettable experience! Cool restaurants, boutiques, and cafes are waiting for you here. My advice is to be here at the break of dawn because the sunrise suits this place perfectly, and exploring the streets is much more enjoyable in the tranquility. After watching the sunrise under the famous Manhattan Bridge, you can grab your coffee from a boutique coffee shop and stroll towards the seaside.

6. 9/11 Memorial A monument and museum established at the World Trade Center in memory of the bombing event that deeply shook the world in 2001. Being at the site where such a history-defining event took place gives me chills, and I can't help but think about what happened there. I believe it is one of the must-see spots during your visit to NYC.

7. Flatiron Building When it was completed in 1902, it was a groundbreaking building for its time, attracting attention with its Gothic architectural style. It was named so because it resembles an iron, as it has a triangular appearance when viewed from above. Unfortunately, it was under renovation when we visited, so we couldn't fully appreciate its architectural details, but it was still evident that it was different from the others.

8. St. Patrick's Cathedral A cathedral of such grandeur that it's hard to believe it was built in 1879! You absolutely must examine the exterior in detail and visit the interior. It’s worth checking the mass times and attending one, as the ambiance is incredible. If you are there during the Christmas season like we were, you’ll find yourself at the starting point of all the city’s festivities!

9. Fifth Avenue To be able to say you've been to New York, you can't leave without visiting 5th Avenue, one of the world's most expensive and best shopping streets! Grab your coffee, or if you're there in the winter, your hot wine, and take a leisurely stroll along this avenue, capturing photos along the way.

10. Grand Central Terminal

This is the largest station of its kind in the world! It's a place where every corner breathes

history while being so modern, where everyone is rushing to get somewhere, reuniting, or saying goodbye in this magnificent station! Being inside the scenes we’ve seen in so many movies like The Crossing, Unfaithful, Midnight Run, The Cotton Club, North by Northwest, and Superman: The Movie was incredible.

11. Natural History Museum We stayed in the city for 11 days and prefer getting lost in the streets rather than visiting museums. However, since this museum was very close to where we were staying, we decided to give it a chance. The museum's collections included around 32 million specimens of plants, animals, fungi, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and cultural artifacts, as well as special collections for frozen tissue, genomic data, and astrophysical data. It took almost two-thirds of the day, but it was a great experience. We

paid approximately USD 85 for four people.

12. Little Venice

Italian cuisine always makes us happy. We wanted to have our dinner here to experience the atmosphere as well. With its lighting, music, and Italian restaurants, it offers a very charming experience. Of course, we left after eating pizza and cannoli.


I won't be writing a separate blog about New York foodies, but I can't resist sharing four delicious highlights with you. Here they are;

You must come for the best banana pudding you'll ever taste; we were there three nights in a row! 2.Levain Bakery: It won't be hard to find New York's most famous cookie shop, as its scent envelops the entire street! Enjoy warm cookies with a cup of coffee!

3.Russ & Daughters:The bagel shop where everything is incredibly fresh and delicious. Plan your morning walk in this direction and have breakfast.

4.Katz's Deli:The oldest in the city without a doubt! It's definitely worth the wait in line at the door, and you can taste before choosing your meat. Don't leave without trying it! BONUS II

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5 Must-Visit Places in Lisbon

We loved Lisbon, a city that resembles Istanbul where we were born and grew up, with abundant sunshine and Pastel de Nata available on every corner, and we had an incredible 4 days. Of course, it's impossible to limit the must-see places to just five, but as always, I'll share the top five spots that I enjoyed the most. If you get a chance to visit, let me know, alright?

1-Miradouro de Santa Luzia: Miradouro de Santa Luzia is a fantastic viewpoint to start your day. You can watch the sunrise or enjoy your morning coffee while observing the local artists. From this vantage point, you can have a panoramic view of the city and catch a glimpse of the Alfama district, which you will explore later on. It's a perfect spot to take amazing photos. Although we prefer the morning, it's also a great option to watch the sunset.

2- Alfama: Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood in the city. It is one of the must-visit spots to experience the essence of the city and understand its history. Compared to other districts, it was minimally affected by the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, which means the historical fabric has been fully preserved. The streets adorned with hanging laundry and the yellow trams climbing the steep hills will surely leave a lasting impression on your memory.

3-Elevador de Santa Justa: Must-visit places in the Old City section. These elevators were declared national monuments in 2002 due to their impressive architecture, and serve as a transportation link between Bairro Alto and Baixa. They also take you to the remains of the Carmo Convent, which was affected by the Lisbon earthquake. Moreover, from its top floor, you can enjoy a colourful view of Lisbon.

4-Sanctuary of Christ the King: The point

overlooks the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge and offers the best view. You have probably crossed the bridge to reach here, and the red bridge, visible from many parts of the city, will leave a lasting impression. The monument that gives its name to this spot was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it is so magnificent that you can see it from various points in the city.

5- Belem Tower: Although originally built for defensive purposes, this tower, which gives its name to the area, is now one of the must-see attractions that tourists don't want to miss. This magnificent fortress is truly worth seeing, even if you don't go inside. You should admire its architecture and the beauty it adds to the city. Additionally, when you visit this area, you can continue along the waterfront and see many other points of interest such as the Monument to the Discoveries and the MAAT. Don't forget to try the famous pastries at the Belem bakery. Keep in mind that there will be a separate article about Lisbon's flavours.

Yes, as many of you may know, when we think of Paris, the first things that come to mind to tantalise our taste buds are croissants, baguette bread, and éclairs. Are there more? Absolutely.

-Macarons: Colourful and filled with a variety of flavours, macarons are an essential part of French patisseries. They have a crisp outer shell and a soft, creamy filling. I would recommend trying them at famous pastry shops like Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. -French cheeses: France is renowned for its world-class cheeses. Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, Comté, and Emmental are just a few examples of the diverse range of cheeses available in cheese shops throughout Paris. Cheese lovers will find themselves in heaven, and exploring different types of cheese to find their perfect match.

-Foie Gras: Foie gras is a significant delicacy in French cuisine. It is made from the fattened liver of ducks or geese and is served in upscale restaurants and fine dining establishments in Paris. It is a unique flavour experience with its distinct taste and velvety texture.

-Escargot: Escargot, or snails, is a popular dish in French cuisine. Cooked in garlic butter, snails can be found in traditional French restaurants in Paris. If you're up for a delicious and adventurous experience, you can give Escargot a try.

-Quiche Lorraine: Quiche Lorraine is a famous tart in French cuisine. It typically consists of ham, cheese, and cream, and is often served in Parisian cafes and restaurants. It can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a light lunch option. -Onion soup: Known as "soupe à l'oignon" in French, is a classic dish of French cuisine and is commonly found in restaurants in Paris. This soup is prepared by sautéing onions and then combining them with beef broth or chicken broth. It is typically topped with slices of bread and melted cheese.

Allow me to now describe a few restaurants/cafés that have made a lasting impression on my memory for you. - Bouillon Chartier; This restaurant, established in 1986, initially served as a worker's eatery, but now it embellishes almost every Paris trip with its delicious dishes. The menu is specially crafted every day. We tried a magnificent sauce-coated steak and profiteroles, both of which were delightful. We can confidently say that it offers unbeatable value for the price. To immerse yourself in the historical ambience, they do not provide a bill but instead write down everything you order on a paper tablecloth placed on the table, and they calculate the total when you wish to settle the bill. Be sure to give it a try!

-Carette; We are in a place called Carette, which is situated very close to the Eiffel Tower and will mesmerize you with its historical atmosphere. While sitting outside, sipping your coffee, you can truly feel like a French person. Onion soup, Quiche Lorraine, éclairs, and hot chocolate—did I hear you say we're going to try all of them here? Absolutely, each one of them is a signature delicacy.

-Angelina; Angelina, located near the Louvre Museum, is a popular option for breakfast, but I believe it is a bit overrated. We have experienced many more delicious croissants in local places. However, there is one thing that I don't think has equal: the "Mont Blanc" dessert, which can be described as chestnut puree. It is worth going there just for this, and you can grab it and go without having to wait in line for about an hour.

-Cedric Grolet Cedric Grolet, the French pastry chef. I'm sure many of you have come across his videos on Instagram or TikTok. He has two popular locations, one near the Opera House and the other along the way to the Louvre Museum. The taste of his pastries is unquestionable; they are truly delicious. However, it can be a bit frustrating not knowing the waiting time or whether the item you desire is still available when your turn arrives. Similarly, I believe that the prices for high-quality croissants or cookies are exaggerated. And here's a little tip: they have a branch in London, but much quieter.

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